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Homeproductsaa closed tank contains 0.5 m of mercury 2m of water 3m of oil of specific gravity 0.6 and there is air space above the oil if t

aa closed tank contains 0.5 m of mercury 2m of water 3m of oil of specific gravity 0.6 and there is air space above the oil if t

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FM2 lecture 1 tutorial sheet

A closed tank contains 0.5 m of mercury (density 13600 kg/m3), 2 m of water, 3 m of oil of density 600 kg/m3 and there is an air space above the oil. If the gauge pressure at the bottom of the tank is 200 kN/m2, what is the pressure of the air at the top of the tank? [96 kN/m2] 3.

MME 273b FLUID MECHANICS I Faculty of Engineering

6) A closed tank contains 0.5 m depth of mercury, above which is a 2 m layer of water followed by 3m of oil of density 600 kg/m 3 . There is an air space above the oil.

Tutorial 2 Fluid pressure bedan basnyat

  The tank in the fig. contains oil of sp gr . Determine the reading of gauge A in N/m2. Oil Air Air /m2 Water h . 12. Compartments B and C in the fig. are closed and filled with air. The vessel and the connecting passages are filled with oil of specific gravity . What force F is required for equilibrium, neglecting

Solved: The Water In A Tank Is Pressurized By Air, And The

Question: The Water In A Tank Is Pressurized By Air, And The Pressure Is Measured By A Multifluid Manometer As Shown Above. Determine The Gage Pressure Of Air In The Tank If H1= , H2= , And H3= . Take The Densities To Be: ρ1=1000kg/m ,ρ2=850kg/m ρ3=13600kg/m

An open tank has 1 m deep water with 50 cm depth of oil of

  Multiply this 100 by the weight of 1 cc of water. Find the volume of the oil 50 cm depth by 1 cm x 1 cm area. This will be 1 cm x 1 cm x 50 cm = 50 cubic centimeters. Multiply this 50 by 0.8 of the weight of 1 cc of water. Add the oil weight and the water weight.


The tank is partially filled to a depth of 25 cm with a fluid of specific gravity (SG) = . The specific gravity (SG) of the manometric gage fluid is 3.5. D. Hint: Let the gage pressure in headspace to be p. h where γ is the specific weight of the fluid.

Water Pressure and Pressure Forces Higher Education

A free water surface may be subjected to atmospheric pressure (open vessel) or any other pressure that is exerted within the vessel (closed vessel). 2.2 Absolute and Gauge Pressures A water surface in contact with the earth’s atmosphere is subjected to atmospheric pressure, which is approximately equal to a high column of water at sea

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A tank that is open to the atmosphere contains a layer of oil (ρ= 800 kg/m3) floating on a layer of water (ρ= 1000 kg/m3). Determine the pressure at elevations A, B, C,and D.NotethatBis midway between Aand C. Solution At a horizontal interface of two

Lectures of Fluid Mechanics Higher Technological Institute

when immersed in (i) water and (ii) in mercury. The temperature of liquid is 20o C and the values of surface tension of water and mercury at this temperature in contact with air are kg/m and kg/m respectively. The contact angle for water = 0 and for mercury = 130°.

Chapter 2 Pressure Distribution in a Fluid

Chapter 2 • Pressure Distribution in a Fluid 99 The center of pressure is ft down the plate from Point A. Panel ABC in the slanted side of a water tank (shown at right) is an isoceles triangle with vertex at A and base BC = 2 m. Find the water force on the panel and its line of action.

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A sink can hold 5 liters of water and the drain is closed. You turn on the faucet and then run to answer the phone. The outflow from the faucet is now lit/min. After the faucet runs for 8 minutes while you are on the phone, your roommate notices that the faucet is on.

(Solved) The water in a tank is pressurized by air, and

The water in a tank is pressurized by air, and the pressure is measured by a multi fluid manometer as shown in Fig. P1 42 Determine the gage pressure of air in the tank if h1 = 0.2 m, h2 = 0.3 m, and h3 = m. Take the densities of water, oil, and mercury to


PRESSURE AND FLUID STATICS This chapter deals with forces applied by fluids at rest or in rigid body motion. The fluid property responsible for those forces is pressure, which is a normal force exerted by a fluid per unit area.

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the disk closed in a vertical position when there is a 3m head of fresh water above the axis.


FLUID ME CHANICS D203 SAE SOLUTIONS TUTORIAL 1 FLUID F L OW THEORY S.A.E. No. 1 particle s tha t will b e lifted upwards by a vertica l stream of water m oving at 1 m /s. d. If the wate r velocity is r educed to 0.5 m /s, show that particles w ith a d iam eter of less than mm T 0.5 Z Z Z Z N = 900 rev/m in P = 500 W Power = 2 NT

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a. 0.5 T b. < 0.5 T c. > 0.5 T d. More information is needed. If the container is instead filled with oil having specific gravity , what new bottom pressure results? a. a pressure < P but also contains water vapor. According to the ideal gas law, if the pressures are equal, the weight of the gas in Container One will be: a. lighter

Chapter 12 Fluid Mechanics University of Minnesota

CHAPTER 12. FLUID MECHANICS 173 and thus, ρ watergh water ρ oilgh oil = 1 ( ) or h oil = ρ water ρ oil h water ≈ 1000kg/m3 850kg/m3 h water ≈ water. ( ) 12.3 Buoyancy Any object placed in a fluid experiences a force (buoyant force) arising due to changes of the pressure inside fluid. This phenomena is known as

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where water discharges to the atmosphere. The water level is 3 m above the outlet. The tank air pressure above the water level is 300 kPa (absolute) while the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa. Neglecting frictional effects, determine the initial discharge rate of water from the tank. We take the density of water to be 1000 kg/m3.


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